Savor these moments

Just in case anyone needs to be told, we’re witnessing a massively historic event here.  1994 was huge but this is that on steroids. We are watching the triumph of the genius of our republic to stop our slide towards destruction.  We are seeing the defeat of the Washington establishment and the undoing of everything that has caused politics to be a dirty word.  We have rebooted a country that tells her children that anyone can grow up to be president and for the first time in generations we just might mean it.

I’m not going to claim this is on par with watching the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain fall (though I don’t know, in terms of the future of the Western world it might have every bit as much import, time will tell), and it’s absolutely disgusting for the leftards to claim it’s a tragedy on pace with September 11, but it is one of the most historical times in my life.  We have pulled back from the brink and bought ourselves some precious time, a chance to set things right, and it remains on us to make the most of it.  It’s an amazing time to be alive.  Keep your eyes and ears open, take your pictures and screenshots, make your notes, hang on to your souvenirs.  This is a time you are not likely to see come again, not often anyway.

Make your stories and tell them.  This is history.


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