Well behaved women, episode five–special America comes to its senses edition

It’s been a hell of a week.  We put down the beast that has spent 25 years slouching towards D.C. to be crowned.  We laughed, we cried for joy, we celebrated.  The left lost their collective marbles and in true lefty fashion went on a rioting bender for days that to my knowledge is still ongoing–and make no mistake, it’s not protests, it’s not peaceable assembly, it’s riots.  Setting stuff on fire that doesn’t belong to you is a riot.  Breaking windows is a riot.  Blocking traffic is a riot.  Can’t wait for Sheriff Clarke to take over Homeland Security and treat these thugs like thugs.  Meanwhile the rest of the country looked at these losers and went “whew, looks like we definitely made the right call there.”

By the way, Trump won the popular vote as well.  You all can stick your hate mail to the electoral college in whatever orifice you like.  Judging by a quick survey of the “recommended blogs” on WordPress this morning it seems there are plenty of people still mired in their derangement and immersed in the Hillary cult, which is to be expected, and I don’t apologize for taking great delight in watching them collectively melt down.  If you want to believe lies and consider a little locker room talk to be far worse than selling influence to foreigners and treating classified information like fish wrappers then I have no sympathy for you.  Shoot, most of you went into this knowing Hillary was an unethical liar and you voted for her anyway.  And you spent the last year making fun of me and people like me mercilessly and gleefully, especially those of us who emphatically supported Donald Trump.  You have had this coming.

Okay.  On to the main show today, this week’s installment of well behaved women making history.  We’re up to a positive example and I can think of no one better to follow this week of historic repudiation of the anointed “first woman president” than the Iron Lady herself, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Baroness Margaret Thatcher.

Yup, she was the UK’s first lady prime minister, and until the recent election of Theresa May (also a conservative) she was the only one, which I’m sure galled the feminists of the time but not nearly so much as it will when we elect a strong conservative woman to be the first woman president.  Taking office in 1979 after serving in Parliament for years, Maggie was in practically every way a female reflection of our own Ronald Reagan–fiercely anticommunist, tax cutting, regulation lifting, anti-union, pro-private enterprise, and lo and behold her policies brought tremendous prosperity to Great Britain during her tenure.  She made her mistakes as did Ronaldus Magnus, hers being in accepting of the early “global warming” narrative which she rejected later in life, but on the whole she was a rock-ribbed conservative through and through and our stalwart ally in bringing the Cold War to a close.

Thatcher teamed up with Reagan and Pope John Paul II in a crossover that seemed to be straight out of a comic book it was so amazing, and together they made a stand against the Soviet Union and international communism that finally pushed most of the communist world over the edge.  Together they made no apologies for their stance that the Soviets had formed an “evil empire” and rejected the idea that we could get along peacefully forever, not when the Soviets openly held to the concept of undermining and “burying” the free world.  As their governments figured out they could not keep up with the West’s technological advances their people found their voices and rose against their communist dictators, starting in Eastern Europe and eventually toppling even the Soviet Union.

Her domestic policies known as “Thatcherism” became so ingrained in British life that even when the leftist Labour party came into power years after her they could not uproot all of the good she had done.  She resigned as Prime Minister in 1991 and left office not long after so she would have more freedom to speak her mind–though it was in office that she gave us one of her greatest quotes: “The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.”

She died in 2013, and the reactions of the lunatic left to her demise were some of the most hateful, vitriolic filth I have ever seen spewed on the internet.  Which only demonstrates how tremendous a person she was.  There is not a conservative alive who would not vote for Maggie Thatcher in a heartbeat without a second thought about her chromosomal makeup.  Baroness, for your exceedingly good behavior that changed your nation and helped to change the world for the better, we salute you and owe you our eternal gratitude. May you rest in peace.


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