Hey #NeverTrump… YOU’RE FIRED!

Let me start off by saying that anyone who declared that they had a moral problem with voting for Donald Trump, left it at that, and on election day went out, voted third party or down-ballot only, and did not attack me or other conservatives who were desperately trying to stop Hillary, I do not have an issue with you.  I stated that many times as I patiently and politely tried to debate and argue with my (some former) friends and allies about why Trump was better than they thought and why they needed to vote for the candidate who could defeat Hillary even if we were running a ticket of Vlad the Impaler and Pee Wee Herman.  No matter what they thought of Trump, Hillary was going to be far, far worse.  And she would have been.  But I can respect and leave alone those who felt differently and did not feel the need to evangelize about it, and in so doing did not attack friends and allies who hadn’t forgotten about the monster.

It’s the difference between a conscientious objector, a war protestor, and a full-on aid-and-comfort Jane Fonda traitor.  I don’t agree with conscientious objectors but I do not consider them to be helping the enemy.  War protestors, on the other hand, I often consider to be just as bad as outright traitors as they exploit the freedoms of the nation they are attacking (because let’s face it, that’s the real purpose) to undermine and demoralize their country’s brave soldiers.  No, I don’t include circles of hippies or school walkouts singing “Give Peace a Chance” in this basket, but when you get to societal disruption or worse, meeting soldiers coming home on leave to spit on them and call them baby killers, yeah, you’re a traitor.

So back to how this relates to #NeverTrump.  I have made a few comments here and there about how the NeverTrumpers don’t get to claim credit for any of this (as I acknowledge that the blame also falls squarely on me and the others who backed Trump), and that as I predicted they are on the express exit to the dustbin of history for their abject failure.  And as I should have expected, some sore losers are striking back with “get over yourself” and “you’re behaving like a leftist, waaah.”  Baloney.  And of course there are others out there who are still beating their broken drum about “Trumpism” and how we’re all a “cult” and the real conservatives stuck to their principles.  If that’s true then there are only a handful of “real conservatives” left, so I’m very gratified to tell these twits that they have it precisely backwards.  I concur (mostly) with Milo Yiannopoulos, if you were not doing everything you could to stop Hillary, you don’t have the right to call yourself a conservative.  The only matter I differ with Milo on is as I stated above, if you made a personal choice not to support someone you considered reprehensible, but did not go about attacking your fellow conservatives like a leftist and tearing down the one hope we had of stopping the monster, then I consider you a conscientious objector and I am willing to let bygones be bygones.  I won’t even say “I forgive you” because you have done nothing wrong to forgive.  We disagreed, the matter came out for the better, it’s over.

But if you were one of the “principled conservatives” who spent the past six months attacking me and those like me, insulting us for actually remembering who Hillary Clinton was, savaging us and our candidate with childish insults and parroting the media’s baseless lies and rumors and false accusations with the same glee as the left was, then you have a lot of gall to tell me I have to play nice with you now that you have been repudiated and your cause is not only lost but over.  NeverTrumpers like Scott Ott piously and quite happily declared almost in so many words that nothing Donald Trump could do or say could ever redeem him in Scott’s eyes–since when are we the side that shuts off new facts and sticks our fingers in our ears to pretend they don’t exist?

Since election eve, which I acknowledge was less than 48 hours ago, I have not received a single acknowledgement of error from the crowd that loudly shouted Trump and his supporters were going to lose us the Senate, the House, the courts, the western front, game 6 of the series, southern womanhood, the Colonel’s secret recipe and my favorite sunglasses.  I have not received a single apology from these twerps that did not come with a slap in the face.  Well in case you guys didn’t notice, not only do we not need you, but we proved that we don’t need to put up with your nonsense.  WE won, and unlike Mitch McConnell and John Boehner we aren’t turning around and looking for ways to surrender to the people who tried to defeat us.  No, we do NOT need to come begging to you to work alongside us.  It’s the other way around, children.

I’m a forgiving person.  I ask nothing more than an apology and a “you guys were right.”  Really, I ask nothing more than for the NeverTrumpers to get off it already, that ride ain’t going anywhere, just quit it with the “cult of the orange man” nonsense and I’m likely to forget it and move along.  Yet some of them for some bizarre reason seem like despite the election being in the books that they just aren’t going to let it go.  If you can’t repent, if you cannot give up on attacking the people you claim to call ideological allies, then you’re no better than the Democrats and I doubt if you ever were a conservative.  And if you expect ME to make nice when you have been attacking my intelligence, my values, my integrity, and my candidate for months in the most vile, reprehensible, and untrue means possible, then I have no further use for you.  You’re not only no better than the lefties and the media who I expect that sort of crap out of, you’re worse.  You are a traitor.

May you live forever.


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