Fear and loathing

It’s no surprise whatsoever that the usual leftist morons are out losing what was left of their composure over President Trump’s impending reign of terror.  Apparently he has sold our atmosphere to the Spaceballs, is getting ready to ban all contraceptives, has rigged the dynamite on every school and hospital in the country and will be bringing the plunger with him on January 20, dines on puppies, and has a contingent of jackbooted soldiers ready and just waiting for the order to go round up all the brown people to be launched into space and haul all the gay people in for conversion therapy.  Oh yeah, and he is about to take the big golden key that opens the national vault o’ cash money and hand it over to his buddies the Koch brothers with a smile and a hearty “have at it, fellas.”

If you’re a leftie and you read that and are nodding your head, please don’t ever, EVER vote again.

But the other part of the narrative that is genuinely disturbing is this undercurrent of “what do we tell the children?”  The National Education Association was putting out material for teachers to explain to kids that “it’s gonna be okay” and how to deal with children who were “frightened and hurt.”  Last night the despicable Stephen Colbert came on TV and panned to his stage manager, who told him his ten-year-old son heard the news that Trump had won and started to cry.  I shut it off at that point so I don’t know if the joke was that he lost a bet or something but since these goofballs opened with throwing a really nice, expensive telescope off a building to smash to smithereens for some reason I am pretty sure it wasn’t going to be funny.

Look folks, if you’ve been telling lies to your children to make them afraid that the orange man is coming to get them, that’s why they’re afraid, not because anyone is actually coming to get them.  Well, except for the little girl in Joss Whedon’s ad asking “Papi, can we stay?” as Papi watched the election returns to see if a lawbreaker would win the election and let more lawbreakers continue to break the law.  You, kiddo, are going home.  The rest of them, if you’ve sold your kids this line of malarkey that Donald Trump will destroy them all and their little dogs too, then you’re a contemptible parent or an incompetent teacher, and you’re PRECISELY the reason Donald Trump exists.  The rest of us are sick of you.


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