Thinking ahead

It’s never too early to start planning for next time.

As Captain Mal said, “they will try again.”  Identity politics put an incompetent boob into office for eight years and very nearly put a hardened criminal there too.  We need to steal this thunder, and we need to do it quickly.

Much as I don’t like promoting a candidate based solely on skin color or gender, I firmly believe that we need to start RIGHT NOW, today, seeking out a conservative female candidate to succeed President Trump.  I have to preface this next statement by saying that if you hold up your candidate’s gender as a positive qualification, as Hillary and her backers did millions of times, then it is just as valid to consider a candidate’s gender as a liability.  That said, I do.  I don’t consider it a disqualifier but I DO unapologetically assert that a woman is inherently less qualified to lead than a similarly situated man.  That said, it’s a minor hill to get over and I could name at least half a dozen women, probably far more, off the top of my head whom I’d rather have as president than many if not most men in the Republican party.  I don’t care who it is, we need to find and start grooming a conservative woman to be our standard bearer next time we’re electing a new president, because they WILL try this again.

It cannot be denied that some members of these grievance groups will always vote for the person who looks like them.  Some women will always vote for a woman given the chance, at least if the woman is a Democrat, so we’ll never be able to yank that leg out from under the Democrats permanently, but we CAN use it when our candidate lines up with their innate sexism (you DO know that the Democrats are the real racists and sexists, right?).  More than that, there’s a margin who would be in it for the “historic” aspect of the candidate, and as we can plainly see, that margin is one of many that is enough to decide an election.  There won’t be the same power behind the candidacy of the “second woman president” as there will be behind the first.

If we have four or eight successful years of President Trump, the way to hold the White House beyond that point will be to find ourselves a Maggie Thatcher and steal this right out from under the Democrats.  Get it done and over with (maybe run a conservative Hispanic president, though between Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio I don’t think that’ll be a problem) and we can go back to ignoring foolish things like race and gender.

Also, I can’t be the only person who thinks it’d be just hysterical to watch the feminists melt down over a President Sarah Palin or President Joni Ernst.


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