President Trump

Holy bajeebers.  We did it.  Until scant hours ago we were still being told, as we have been told for twenty-five years, that Hillary was unstoppable.  Her presidency was inevitable, we might as well give up and accept it.  The NeverTrumpers were crying that our dedication to stopping her was going to cost us the House, the Senate, with them the Supreme Court, the entire Republican party.

And we won.  We ran the board.  We have everything.  We stopped the monster and in doing so we stopped the whole system cold.

I have said many times that if Hillary won, that NeverTrumpers would own it, and they would have.  She didn’t.  We did.  And as such, we own the credit and we have the responsibility now to hold President Trump to his word.  Today is ours to celebrate and bask in the elation of having defeated these smirking bastards.  Today is ours to rejoice in finally being vindicated, in seeing our imperfect candidate vanquish all who stood before him by simply having the courage to stand against them.  The media.  The establishment GOP.  The Democrats.  All now lay broken before the populist titan.

I’ve said many times I’ll accept the “I told you so”s if I’m wrong about The Don.  I’ve never claimed he was perfect but I always claimed he was a good thing for the party and for the presidential race.  I never thought he’d be this good, not until the end.  With the win comes the responsibility, to support, to defend, to hold our new president to the standards he set out for himself, but no matter what he does, we know Hillary would have been far worse.

We could have woken up today to a world without the United States of America.  Instead, today, WE ARE CANCELLING THE APOCALYPSE!


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