It’s all over but the crying

It’s about 11:00 Central Time here and against all odds and predictions Donald Trump has been put at a better than 95% chance to win the presidency.  Republicans will hold the House and the Senate, that’s for certain.  Pictures out of Hillary HQ are like a morgue.

Even if I go to bed (and I don’t plan to) before all is said and done, and somewhere in the middle of the night Hillary pulls a massive comeback, this election is proof positive once and for all that the polls are absolute garbage.  They got it right ONCE.  The landslide of double digits and massive proportions we were promised for weeks on end magnificently failed to materialize.  You can say all you want about shifting momentum, I say it was never that wide open in the first place.

But right now the results are saying we beat the media poll bias, we beat the voter fraud, we beat the NeverTrumpers and we beat the inevitable juggernaut despite all her best efforts to convince us that resistance was futile.  We are Americans.  We can do anything.

Get on the train.  We’re making America great again!


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