This is it, folks

This election has been in the works for 25 years.  25 years ago and some change, the nation was introduced to Hillary Clinton for the first time, standing by her man in the Democratic primaries with her ’50s hairstyle and headband, the both of them young and energetic with a teenaged daughter and a cute kitty cat.  Billy Jeff Clinton would survive the Gennifer Flowers revelation and would go on to deflect attacks that just a few years earlier sank Gary Hart and would have been death on any other presidential campaign before.  With the battle cry “it’s the economy stupid” and a campaign using youthful spunk and hippie platitudes to deride the president who won the Gulf War but went along with Tom Foley and George Mitchell to violate his own promise not to raise taxes, and boosted by the maverick campaign of Ross Perot, Billy Jeff sailed to a narrow win.  He and Hillary arrived in Washington to demonstrate that they had no idea what the hell they were doing, to attempt to enact a boatload of leftist policy, to immediately dismiss a promise to cut taxes on the middle class, and to make a raft of “historic” appointments based on skin color and gender rather than any sort of qualifications.

Then the nation woke up from its collective hangover and realized that Hillary Clinton, who nobody elected to anything, was engaged in trying to engineer the takeover of the American health care system.  This was after Billy Jeff’s proposed budget, with a massive tax hike that was guaranteed to send us right back into a recession, narrowly passed the Congress 218-217 and 51-50 (each vote being counted in advance to let the Democrats in more vulnerable districts vote no).  Everyone knew at this point, this woman had designs on the presidency herself.  As scandals piled up against Congress and the President alike, Newt Gingrich rallied Republicans nationwide with his Contract With America and led the GOP to take over all of Congress for the first time in generations.  The ten points of the Contract were quickly enacted (except term limits which the Supreme Court struck down), and a chastised Billy Jeff put a leash on Hillary and kept his head down as he rode the wave of the GOP’s policies and the advent of the internet, all too happy to claim credit for the prosperity he had nothing to do with while he sold the nation out for personal profit.

In 1996 the GOP demonstrated its commitment to losing winnable elections by nominating elder statesman Bob Dole for president, turning an election that was theirs to lose into a massive loss, again with no help from Ross Perot.  Hillary dutifully kept her head down as she ran her mouth about “women’s issues” and “children’s issues” until late in Billy Jeff’s second term when murmurings started of her pulling a Bobby Kennedy, carpetbagging from New York state to win a Senate seat because Arkansas was fed up with the Clintons.  And run and win she did, prying every W from the White House keyboards and taking the silver when she and Billy Jeff left.  After shrieking like a banshee about abolishing the electoral college she went on to be an ineffective, useless member of the Senate, promoting desperately anti-family and pro-infanticide policies while undermining national security and economic sanity at every opportunity.  As the Democratic media managed to trash and destroy President Bush and cause an economic downturn by convincing millions of people the country was in an economic downturn, together with the effect of the insane mortgage policies the left swindled George W. into going along with, it was clear very early that Senator Clinton was gearing up to make her run.

Enter Senator Barry.  Younger, more energetic, and “cooler” than the aging Hillary, with the benefit of not having a closet full of skeletons to weigh him down, Barry engaged Hillary on a race to the far left in a knock-down drag-out primary that kept going until regions like Guam had weighed in.  The GOP knew this was going to be an uphill battle and still nominated the weak John McCain anyway.  As we all know, Hillary lost, but as a consolation prize she got handed the job of Secretary of State.  Hell of a consolation prize, for someone with precisely zero military or intelligence experience.  All along the way, we got a clear look at who Hillary Clinton is, a self-absorbed incompetent statist committed to every letter of the leftist playbook, a disciple of Saul Alinsky schooled in the art of dirty politics, a radical living perpetually in the sixties who sees everyone and everything through the lens of grievance group politics, a globalist sellout promoting a new world order while lining her pockets with the donations of tyrants and crony corporatists.  She loves to parade out her work with the Children’s Defense Fund because people just swoon over anything to do with children, but the truth is the Children’s Defense Fund is an enemy to children and their families and is nothing but an arm of the United Nations.  That’s truly the most horrifying part of Hillary Clinton, her “It Takes A Village” mindset toward YOUR children.  But her grotesque incompetence and pathological lying, from her husband’s scandals to Benghazi to the infamous email server, ought to give any rational person reason to disqualify her outright.  She went into quasi-retirement for four years to gear up for this run.

And now it all comes down to tomorrow.  For twenty-five years we have seen this evil, lying, conniving fraud coming.  We have known her intent and we have known her mind, and we have known for a long time that the people who support her know everything we do about her, but are so depraved that they just don’t care.  They don’t care that she’s a horrendous liar who left our men to die and sold influence to our enemies.  They don’t care that she’s at best careless with our most crucial national secrets.  They know she cannot be trusted, they know she could not win her own primary without cheating, and they are voting for her anyway.  We, meanwhile, have had two and a half decades to prepare.  We have shot bolts at this monster that should have brought her down ten times over by any rights but like a zombie she just keeps going.  We have fought enemy and friend alike as we desperately pleaded with our onetime brethren who decided they hated Donald Trump so much they would forget the horror we knew Hillary Clinton to be.

Now we stand on the precipice of history.  In about 24 hours we will have made our stand, possibly our final stand, behind one of the few men with the courage to stand up and fight against these repugnant slimeballs, both the candidate herself and her willing accomplices in the press, and arguably the only one out of our pool of primary candidates who is able to scrap on her level while at the same time motivating a tsunami of popular support the likes of which have not been seen since Reagan.  But this is not about Trump, or any Republican, since by any rights we should have been able to run a turnip against this horrible woman and win.  This is about the vile harpy that so many fools, some misguided, some genuinely depraved and evil, now seek to elevate to the presidency of the United States.  Twenty-five years and it all comes down to tomorrow.

There is no way to gauge if we did enough until the last vote is counted.  “Enough” at this point can only be measured in victory.  We are at war, my friends.  Just as if this was a shooting war, surrender or loss means losing things we hold dear, while winning buys us only a precious chance to set things right before it’s too late.  If we cannot defeat this scourge when we have had a quarter of a century to prepare, if after all this time she truly was as inevitable as she and her minions in the media have tried to convince us, if we are doomed to see this woman become president for no good reason other than she has woman parts, and if we are defeated by the sick, pathetic lowlife who prop her up, ignore her seizures and coughs, and push her through every scandal that by rights should have her in prison, then the fault is truly our own.

If we could not defeat her, then the country is not merely lost, it was lost a long time ago, and none of us, not the ones who gleefully voted for this wretch nor those of us who impotently failed to stop her, none of us deserve the United States of America that our forefathers died for.  We have been living on borrowed time for forty years now, as the men who founded this nation predicted we would not last long once the populace discovered they could vote themselves money.  They said we’d last 200 years.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  I’m going to bed tonight believing it won’t.  We can say no.  We can yet stop this.  We can win.  We will.  We must.  Hillary Clinton must be stopped.  No matter the cost.

It’s go time.  God Bless America.


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