A few final thoughts

I went to vote this morning.  I came in behind a cluster of fifth graders being shown what the polling place looks like, how the voting machines work, and other general civics lesson type things that weren’t nearly as fascinating to them as finding out where their houses were on the precinct map.  Something the teacher, or maybe it was a poll worker, said to them disturbed me.  She told them “you should always vote in every election when you’re old enough.”

Um, NO.  You should not just vote because voting.  If you cannot be bothered to educate yourself about the election prior to going in, you should not be voting.  If your vote is based on a feeling of duty rather than a conviction that a candidate or a principle up for referendum should prevail, you should not be voting.  If your vote is based on what a celebrity told you or a news anchor wants you to believe or a poll tells you is “cool,” you should not be voting.  If you could be swayed by a sign or t-shirt on your way to the polls, you should not be voting.  If you had not made your mind up before the first debate, generally you should not be voting.  If you are making your decision based on an eleven year old recording (yeah I’m going there) or the candidate’s genitalia then you should not be voting.  If you are voting to “save a party” that has proven ineffective against their supposed opposition and more interested in getting along and being invited to D.C. cocktail parties that they still won’t be invited to than promoting their principles, you should not be voting.  In brief, if you’re stupid, you ought not vote.

I saw a lot of local races with uncontested Democrats.  I wrote myself in for one.  I need to make a call to the local Republican party–might be a suicide mission but hell, all politics is local.

Finally, as the president goes out and tells all us Trump backers that we’re voting against Hillary because of sexism, I say if a candidate goes out and claims that one of her qualifications for office is that she’s a woman (which Hillary has done on innumerable occasions) then it’s fair game and every bit as legitimate to vote AGAINST her for her gender as it is to vote FOR her because of it.  Moreso in fact–she’s delusional enough to believe it’s a qualification.  I didn’t, in fact, vote this way for this reason, I voted for Trump because I believe in him and because Hillary is a piece of rotting filth not competent to lead a dog on a leash.  I would have voted this way if it were Ivanka Trump running against Billy Jeff in some bizarro world where Hillary was president first and the candidates’ counterparts were otherwise the same.  I’m just saying, if you hold it out as a qualification, it’s legit to believe that it’s not and vote accordingly.


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