Believe, people.  The polls mean nothing, and don’t forget, three weeks ago Trump was (allegedly) so far behind the conventional wisdom said he might as well just give up.  They’re hopelessly, grotesquely rigged and have been all season.  The purpose being to make you lose hope, to make us think we can’t win.  We can.  We will.  We have to.

If we lose, if we’re wrong, which we’re not, there will be plenty of time to mourn and accept it later.  The “I told you so”s of leftist trolls and NeverTrump morons will be the very least of our concerns.  At the very least, we will have today, and today, we believe we will win.  We believe we are about to come out of the darkness of the past eight years.  We believe we’re about to see a president who will upend the Washington establishment.  We believe we’re finally about to defeat the media.  We believe we can stop evil and even turn it back.

Today we believe.  Tomorrow will take care of itself.


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