Yet another reason

I pulled up the AOL news feed on my way to my email account and noticed that there was a “top headline” that read “Citizens of one country are praying for a Trump loss.”  So I bit.  Apparently, according to this article, Mexico is so dependent on income coming back from illegal aliens that they’re desperate for Donald Trump to lose.

From the language it sounds like the story is meant to generate sympathy for the poor pathetic Mexicans… but the first thought that crossed my mind was “yeah, that’s kind of the idea.”  I wonder if the writer has any clue just how much this reads like a positive in Trump’s favor.  Yes, damn it, we want to shut off the giant sucking sound heading south where jobs and money (earned and government benefit largesse) are headed.  Sorry Mexicans, it’s not our job to prop up your crappy country.  You want to be Americans, then either immigrate properly or petition to be annexed.  Otherwise figure out how to support your own people rather than stealing from us.  There are plenty of capable Mexican people who would love to show you how to do it.


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