Thirty years

Hillary Clinton has been out on the campaign trail responding to the attack “so you have thirty years of experience, what have you actually done?” by rattling off a list of titles she’s held.  She’s been First Lady, she’s been a Senator, she’s been Secretary of State, she’s been a lawyer, yadda yadda yadda…like that answers the question.

Yes, Your Filthy Inevitableness, we KNOW you have been all these things, we KNOW you got all these jobs by riding on your husband’s coattails and making it clear to everyone you intended to be president someday.  And with all these titles you have held, all these offices you have defiled, all this time you have spent as a Washington insider, you still are NOT answering: what have you DONE?  What have you accomplished?  Why are you still complaining about the same damn things thirty years later.  I don’t care if you were the Queen of all Landinia and wore a shiny hat, you have accomplished NOTHING good in all your time in government.  Everything you have done is wrong, bad, and failure.  Listing off a list of all the positions you were able to dupe your feckless retard supporters into putting you into only amplifies the fact that with all that unearned power, you have done and accomplished nothing at all for their efforts.

Thirty years.  A slate of titles.  Not a god damned thing.

Oh, and yes, we know what The Don has been doing the past thirty years.  He’s been building a multibillion dollar empire and raising great kids.  He also hosted a reality show that gave some folks some real opportunity to become prosperous like him.  Oh, the abject horror.


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