What “Stronger Together” means

On the surface, Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogan, “Stronger Together,” is unsettling enough.  Our cultural infatuation with “unity” and “teamwork” makes this something Hillary’s drones lap right up and swoon about, but more independent types like me and other conservatives see that and know that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  Living in the real world, we know there’s a lot of weak links out there and we’re pretty sure that we’re better off on our own.  This is kind of one of the foundational principles of our country, that we can work together when it’s in our interests but if you want to survive and thrive you have to take your fate into your own hands.  Of course being self-reliant doesn’t mean you’re an island but it does mean you’re able to direct your own life without being supported by or beholden to anyone, least of all the government.

But “Stronger Together” has a deeper and more significant meaning.  It literally means fascism.  When Benito Mussolini coined the term, he took it from the Latin word for “a bundle of sticks,” implying that while one stick is weak and easily broken, when bundled they were indeed “stronger together.”  For a country struggling to rebuild like the rest of Europe after World War I, this was an appealing message and image.

The problem with this is you’re only “stronger together” if you’re essentially the same as everyone else.  A stick that is shorter, or longer, or forked, or bent, or green, or not uniform in any of a number of ways actually makes the bundle weaker.  In order to include such a stick in the bundle, you have to either break it, bend it, or you have to tighten the bindings even further.  You have to force everyone to conform and you have to bind them tightly enough so no one stick can get out of the bundle.  You make everyone be the same and you shackle them together so no one can escape.

This is why fascism and socialism go so well together, and Hillary has made it crystal clear she’s more than happy to break all the sticks in the deplorable pile in order to make us “stronger together.”  If you won’t bundle, if you’re not going to conform and can’t be broken, sometimes you get tossed aside, and sometimes you just get tossed right in the fire.  This monster is calling for a “national dance party” to “bring us together” once the election is over–she is either delusional about the people who are opposed to her, or she neither plans nor intends for us to be part of the party.  I won’t be, if she wins.

I don’t want to be “Stronger Together.”  My country encourages people to be strong enough to stand by themselves.  And I’m going to be in the discard pile when the time comes to break everyone down to size to fit neatly into their bundles.  Whatever the alternative means, I prefer it to being broken and shackled.


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