Trump beats Jeb any day of the week

I recently got into a discussion (and then attacked by a troll) about whether Donald Trump was preferable to Jeb Bush or other similar RINOs.  The simple and plain answer is Trump, hands down, no question.  I know he has been a northeastern Democrat supporter in the past.  I know there are pictures of him yukking it up with the Clintons.  I know he is neither a conservative nor a Republican–and that’s the key.  As I have said since the outset of the campaign, since the day Trump announced, Trump is not an easily-classifiable political entity.  He is not a conservative Republican but he is not a liberal Democrat either.  He is a businessman.  To put it in the simplest terms, Trump is Trump.  That’s all he has ever been and all he claims to be.  NeverTrumpers attack him for not being conservative because they assume “if not A then B,” he must be a liberal, but he’s not.  Of COURSE he played along and played nice with the Clintons!  He was trying to do business in New York.  To him it was just part of the cost of doing business.

But being a businessman means more than that.  If Trump sells a product or a service, he knows he’s got to deliver on that or he’s going to get it returned or he’s going to get sued.  It’s happened to him plenty of times as his detractors love to point out.  Trump is going into this with the mindset that if he fails to deliver then he’s going to be held accountable.  The American people will demand a refund or will file suit for false advertising, in the form of impeachment proceedings.  Unlike certain other Presidents, Trump actually has reason to fear impeachment, because both the Republicans and the Democrats will be able to vote to remove him.  Trump hasn’t made billions of dollars by selling products that disappoint, and he knows that an essential part of a deal is holding up your end of it.

The Republicans who seized on stupid opportunities to condemn and abandon Trump ought to be worried–they did not hold up their end of the deal and Trump will remember.

By contrast, Jeb Bush has claimed to be a conservative Republican as he has turned his back on conservative Republican principles and outright bragged that he would win the election by losing the conservative base of the GOP.  Like John McCain before him and Mitt Romney to a lesser extent, Jeb mouthed the words the GOP wanted to hear during the primary but his record and true stated intent was to be an amnesty shill and a squishy moderate Republican like his father and brother before him (all respect to George W., not so much to George H. W.).  The Bush family’s collective tantrum in the wake of Trump’s nomination just bears this out.  Jeb and his whole family are politicians, having left the business world far behind long ago, and to them promises are something you make until you get the pesky people like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio out of your way.  Then once you’re elected you sidle up to your old pals Billy Jeff and Hillary.

I know what we’d get out of Jeb Bush and I know what we’ll get out of Trump.  Jeb will bend over backwards to get along with the Democrats like his father and brother before him, Trump will tell the Democrats where to get off because he owes the people who put him in power and knows they kept their receipts.


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