Running on fumes

Another Clinton ad has appeared on my television spewing more nonsense from another disabled kid crying about how he doesn’t want a president who makes fun of him.

First of all, you’re not even a voter.  You’re a kid.  Shut up.

Second, Donald Trump didn’t make fun of you.  He made fun of a jerk reporter who was acting like an idiot asking retarded questions in an attempt to get a gotcha quote.  If you make fun of Donald Trump then you can expect to be ridiculed back.

Third, I don’t want to live in a country where certain people and topics are off limits for commenting and, yes, making jokes about.  I want a president who will hit back and will hit as far below the belt as his reprehensible mockers hit him.  For the love of God, you people are baselessly accusing him of serious criminal behavior and you’re going to cry about him flapping his arms?

And finally, this is the same tactic over two different ads.  She’s out of ammunition and out of fuel, counting on fools and emotional reactions to carry her across the finish line as she flails.  I find more telling in the reaction (“gasps”) to the Johnson/Feingold race, currently too close to call, at Marquette University than I do their supposed six-point-lead for Hillary here in Wisconsin.


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