It’s desperation time folks

Looks like the Democrats are feeling the pressure as we get closer to election day.  First off they’re all still losing their collective minds over the FBI reopening Hillary’s email case.  No, “former White House lawyer” now voting for Her Inevitableness, what James Comey did was not a violation of the Hatch Act, personal ethics, the first rule of Fight Club or the Boy Scout pledge, and no, until there’s a decision made on whether to prosecute or not you do not have a right to know what the FBI has on you.  When the cops want to bust up a racket or make multiple arrests in similar cases, they typically do it in the middle of the night to minimize opportunity to flee or warn co-conspirators, then you wake up the next morning to see the headlines about how many suspects got hauled in last night.  Also, if Eric Holder is on your side defending you, you need to really rethink your life.

While all the lefty twits are out running around with their hair on fire and screaming random words in the hopes that the monkeys can pound out a legitimate excuse for Hillary Clinton’s behavior, or maybe a magic incantation that will make James Comey disappear, this morning comes news that Democrats in four states (all battlegrounds, surprise surprise) are filing lawsuits to stop Trump supporters from working as poll watchers against election fraud.  Once again they’re trotting out this tired, broken “election integrity is racist” line by claiming that “vigilantes” want to “intimidate and harass minority voters.”  Uh, no.  These people want to make sure we don’t have a repeat of 2012 where whole precincts in Philadelphia went 100% for Obama, no mistakes or diversions, which is a mathematical and statistical impossibility.  They want to make sure that we eliminate or minimize incidents like where Barry received OVER 100% of the eligible votes in that precinct, usually well over (to the tune of 40 to 60%).  They want to make sure that we don’t see any more Melowese Richardsons, the infamous Ohio poll worker who bragged about voting for Barry SIX TIMES because “it was his right to be president.”  In an election where the margins are looking to be very thin every vote matters, and every illegitimate vote cast is a voter silenced.  And if you believe that election integrity is “racist” because for some reason minorities can’t play by the rules and can’t do something as basic in modern society as obtain a form of identification, then you’re the racist.


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