If this is the best they’ve got…

I finally saw a Hillary Clinton ad as I got back in the door from work this evening.  This supposedly “Republican” mother claims that when Donald Trump mocked a reporter (who was being insulting and obtuse if you know the whole story) by “flapping his hands” that just tore it for her.  Apparently it’s common knowledge that “autistic children flap their hands” (I didn’t know that and I work with mentally ill people all the time) and her son is autistic (he even managed to produce a halfhearted flap for the camera), so that means that naturally her son is not welcome in “Trumpworld.”

Are you stupid lady, or do you just think we are?

She then goes on to extol the virtues of Her Inevitableness, proclaiming her “smart” and “reasonable” (she’s neither and any real Republican knows it) with the undercurrent being “Donald Trump is too offensive for even Republicans.”  Um…first of all, no.  We’re not the side that gets all bent out of shape over a joke from months ago or assumes that if someone laughs at something that they want to eradicate it from existence.  I suppose birds aren’t safe in “Trumpworld” for their flapping either.

But more importantly, if this is what they’re loading up with in the final week of the campaign, if THIS nonsense is what they are trying to staunch the wound inflicted by the FBI with, if THIS is how they plan to stop the Trump momentum that even their grossly skewed polls have in the lead, then they’re done.  They’re out of ammo and counting on sheer Gruber stupidity to carry her across the finish line.  Meanwhile The Don is out there grinning his way through his final week of appearances and lighting audiences on fire with a positive message of real hope.  There’s reason to be hopeful, more every day.


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