The many faces of James Comey

So a few months back, when James Comey intricately and in great detail laid out all the reasons to recommend indictment of Hillary Clinton practically element by element, only to back away like the case was a potato made of plutonium, nobody got on the news or in the news feeds by claiming Comey was interfering in the political process by not holding this candidate to the same standards as, oh I don’t know, everybody else.  Sure, us conservatives were up in arms because it’s as plain as day she broke the law six ways from Sunday and that was just to cover up whatever real corruption and criminality she was engaged in, but we weren’t getting the time of day on the news (and honestly didn’t expect to).

Now that the sensible shoe is on the other foot, Comey has finished searching under the bed for his integrity, Anthony “Danger” Weiner has opened the door to new information that’s only new if you have been trying to ignore it, and the investigation is re-opened, my gosh, just listen to them lose their collective composure and lambaste the guy they all leaned on as proof positive there was nothing to see here.  And of course the front headline on AOL News is “White House lawyer says Comey broke the law.”  Um, no, he didn’t, and this “White House lawyer” is former ethics counsel from ten years back and a RINO Hillary backer.  But it’s nice to know that their only line of defense is “you stupid plebs don’t understand and shouldn’t know this is going on.”


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