Hypocrisy, thy name is Democrat

I hate to keep coming back to this nonsense but hell, nobody else is letting it go.  I’ve been told over and over by deranged NeverTrumpers trying desperately to justify their taking up and carrying the nonsense from the media about Trump’s “treatment of women” that if I believe Billy Jeff’s accusers (which I do) then I have to believe Trump’s accusers too (which I don’t), or it’s intellectual checkmate.

Sorry, but wrong.  See, I am not on the side that has claimed loudly and clearly that women who make accusations of sexual misconduct, from catcalling to actual crimes, are “entitled” to be believed.  I am not on the side that tried to defend the horrific Rolling Stone article that targeted an innocent college student for destruction and all of the University of Virginia’s fraternities for smearing as accomplices to criminal conduct.  I am not on the side that thinks the seriousness of the charge is enough to damn the defendant.  Donald Trump is not on that side either.

Hillary Clinton is.  Like many issues that the Democrats wave around like a Code Pink protestor’s badly handmade sign, we’d be content to let things from twenty years ago sink into the past and stick to the things that matter, but if they’re going to go right to the gutter every time and drag out this stupidity then it’s fair game for us to showcase their hypocrisy with the same tactics.  Were it not for this nonsense, we would not care who has made accusations against who.

So no, it’s not hypocritical to believe Bill Clinton’s accusers and not believe Donald Trump’s.  I don’t believe feminists have a right to be believed, and in fact I consider anyone who shows up with Gloria Allred at her side to be automatically less credible.  Nevermind that Trump’s accusers are beyond unbelievable.


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