The wrong kind of fearless

If you’re looking for a reason to vote for Donald Trump in this coming election, much as for whatever reason you can’t stand him, probably the best reason of all is coming forth in stark relief as all these WikiLeaks and Project Veritas videos seem to have no more effect on her than Whitewater, Benghazi, Juanita Broaddrick, the email server, or failing the DC bar exam did before.  For some reason, be it luck or be it the hands of fate or be it some powerful sponsor behind the scenes (I’m looking at you, George Soros), Hillary Clinton has proven to be figuratively bulletproof.  She blazed a steady trail as the brains behind Billy Jeff to the Arkansas governor’s mansion and from there to the White House, and early on in Billy Jeff’s reign it became clear that this woman was going to run for president someday.  And as scandals erupted around Billy Jeff and impeachment loomed the few who were paying attention couldn’t help but note that the real threat was lurking behind him, looking like the dutiful wife and actually scoring points rather than losing them in the course of his misdoings.  As controversy after controversy and failure after failure followed in her wake like so many lost and discarded Blackberries nothing seemed to be able to bring her down once and for all, no matter how significant or how criminal, and the only thing that slowed her down with any real effect was Barry Obama outmaneuvering her for the Democratic nomination in 2008.  She has borne a virulent hatred for the Obamas ever since–sure they make nice for the cameras like good Democrats but it’s common knowledge she loathes him to the point where in private she won’t even speak his name, calling him instead “that man.”

She believes she is unstoppable and if, after all these disasters, after everything she has done to undermine and lie to the American people, she will have convincing evidence to prove it.  She will be utterly fearless before a cowed and weak Congress regardless of whether the Republicans hold either or both houses.  Trump knows he will go to Washington to face off against entrenched opponents and he seems to be looking forward to the challenge.  Hillary knows she will be returning to Washington where her adoring followers will fan her with feathers in the sweltering 72 degree heat and her “enemies” will bow before her to let her walk over their backs like the slaves providing “steps” for Xerxes in “300.”

And as she’s out campaigning via surrogates and no one notices she’s in hibernation, as Fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren lambastes The Don for “rating women” (here’s a hint Lizzie: you don’t need to be a billionaire to rate the opposite sex’s looks.  If you ever once said, even to yourself, damn he’s a cute guy, or I wouldn’t date/kiss/etc. him for a million bucks, or what’s a strong attractive woman like her doing with a slug like him, guess what cupcake, you rated someone) and claiming “nasty women” are strong (if you overreact to being called nasty when you’re behaving nasty then you’re as weak as any other feminist) while more revelations come out that Hillary directed disruption of Trump rallies and the Democrats bragged about bussing people in to deal with Republican “a**holes,” the thought of her ascending to the presidency in full and credible belief that nothing can or should stand in her way ought to be of grave concern to anyone.


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