My time is precious

Well, it is.  So is yours.  I’m always saying I would love to have twelve more hours in every day to do everything I would like to do and I would never get bored.  And one thing this election is doing, sadly, is showing me who I do not need to waste my time with.

Glenn Beck of course is right up at the top of that list. is another–I used to drop by once in a while but since they went full deranged NeverTrump and started cheering for Hillary while claiming to be sticking by their conservative values I decided I didn’t need to read stuff from people with the same level of intellectual honesty as a four year old with chocolate all over his face insisting he didn’t even know we had any cookies.  Some of these folks I will not miss.

Some I will.  And as we get closer to the election I am getting closer and closer to putting the greats Andrew Klavan and Ben Shapiro on that list.  Let me tell you, that’s truly heartbreaking.  But as I listen to Klavan continually insist that there’s no way Trump can win while parroting the nonsense from the Left more and more each day, blathering about how Trump is a bully and a boor and claiming that the Republicans have lost their way–but only insofar as Trump is concerned–I am saddened to hear him not only repeating the lies but taking the same sick glee in his doomsday prophecies that the truly deranged NeverTrumpers like Scott Ott have been showing for months.

If I wanted to be demoralized and hear the mainstream media perspective on Donald Trump, I’d watch the evening news and at least then I’d know I was being lied to.  When I can’t get through a Klavan podcast without wanting to yell at him at least a dozen times, it’s time for me to spend my time doing something else.


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