It IS your fault

This one goes out to all the self-righteous supposedly conservative NeverTrumpers out there patting themselves on the back for their ideological purity and loudly insisting that if Donald Trump loses it’s “not their circus, not their monkeys, I didn’t vote for the guy, I warned you Trumphumpers” usually followed by some ad hominem attacks on the man himself and some non sequitur factoids that are totally irrelevant.  To each and every one of you: grow the hell up.

It IS your fault.  I didn’t vote for Trump in the primaries either.  You know what I was doing?  Begging and pleading with other Republicans and “conservatives” to quit bashing Trump and instead learn from his example and steal his thunder.  But who am I, I’m one little voice in the comment section.  Ted Cruz seemed to be listening for a while (of course not to me, but to the desperately few others saying the same thing who actually had loud enough voices to reach him).

It IS your fault.  You have gotten so wrapped up in your hatred of Donald Trump that you have completely lost sight of the monster that is Hillary Clinton.  Don’t you remember her trying to take over health care in the 90s in a move that was sort of proto-Obamacare but actually would have been even worse?  Don’t you remember her carpetbagging her way into the Senate?  Don’t you remember her exercising unelected power during her time as First Lady (a powerless purely figurehead title)–and you don’t think she’ll be a worse abuser of executive power than Barry has been?  Don’t you remember her incompetent tenure as Secretary of State–yeah, they got Bin Laden during her time, an elderly broken man on dialysis watching porn and tapes of his old speeches in a hovel.  He needed to die bloody, sure, but it was about as dramatic as putting down a deer that’s been hit by a Mack truck.  Don’t you remember her LYING to cover up Benghazi–as awful as the four lives lost there were we still don’t and probably never will know just what she and Barry were trying to keep hidden there.  Don’t you remember her cackling about taking out Khaddafi (it’s spelled so many ways I’ve given up trying), who as bad as he had been in the past had turned coat and decided he didn’t want to mess with us, and had actually moderated to the point where Libya was in pretty good shape and a bulwark against terrorism–and I don’t get this from any media source, I know someone who actually lived in Benghazi Libya before Benghazi became a household word.  Don’t you remember her getting away with crimes that would put and are putting anyone whose name is not Hillary Clinton away for years AND permanently bar them from holding public office?  No, you don’t.  You’ve forgotten all this because all you see is hatred of Donald Trump, and all he is is a businessman whose ventures haven’t always worked out.

It IS your fault.  Trump is not a conservative, no, but he is also not a liberal.  You are so used to slotting politicians into one definition or the other that you completely missed that and just assumed if not A then must be B.  He’s based in New York for God’s sake, if you don’t grease the wheels you don’t do business.  The fact that he planted a solid flag when he chose Mike Pence (a rock-ribbed soft-spoken conservative) just means absolutely nothing to you, you’re sure he’s going to “destroy the GOP” or some such nonsense.  Let me tell you something: if all it takes to destroy the GOP is someone speaking plainly and even a little crudely then the GOP was on its way out.  Fact is the GOP is destroying itself through its weak capitulation and fear of its own principles–that’s why Trump exists in the first place.

It IS your fault.  Let’s get down to the plain facts.  One of these two people will be our next president.  We have seen Hillary coming for over twenty years, ever since the congressional Democrats fawned over her health care plan.  Dan Rostenkowski (a reprobate crook from Illinois who went from a powerful position in the House to the Big House) prophesied that “one day we’ll refer to President [Billy Jeff] Clinton as ‘your husband.'”  Her march has been inexorable and unstoppable, only derailed by being beaten in the primary by Barry Obama, and we’ve known just what she is all this time–Billy Jeff was a good old bubba and a leftist by convenience but most of all he was a politician, and knew how to survive.  After he presided over the Democrats losing the entire Congress he kept his head down, but this is beside the point.  Hillary’s the monster ideologue and always has been.  If it’s not Trump, it’s going to be her and there is nothing we can do about that now.  It won’t be Gary Johnson.  It won’t be Evan McMullin.  It won’t be Mickey Mouse or Jill Stein or any other ridiculous write-in.  Since the end of Truman’s presidency there has NEVER been a Democratic president to follow another full-term Democratic president, and you people are gravely underestimating the damage that is possible.  The Supreme Court will be lost for a generation–and esteemed constitutional scholar Barry Hussein O will be on Hillary’s short list to defile Antonin Scalia’s seat, I guarantee you.  Between amnesty and unvetted Syrian refugees we won’t need to even show up for future elections.  I could go on for hours but the inescapable truth past your purity is that you can either vote to stop this or you can vote to help it, and withholding your vote is voting to help it.  Spare me your bleating about a candidate “earning” or “deserving your vote.”  If you’re so hung up on not feeding Donald Trump’s ego that you’re willing to let Hillary Clinton drive the country into the gutter then you really need to realign your priorities and check in with reality.  If Trump loses, you’re not getting a cathartic “I was wrong, I failed, I’m a con man” concession and for the love of Leeroy you’re not going to teach ANYONE a “lesson.”  Trump will rage for a while and try to ferret out the inevitable Democratic fraud but in the end it will prove futile, he will blame the system and the establishment GOP (correctly I might add), and then he will go home to start his TV network, enjoy his billions of dollars that make him more than rich enough to not care who the president is, and sit in the hot tub with Melania.  You sure showed him.

It IS your fault.  You have a binary choice.  We all do.  You don’t get to get out of making it because you’ve deceived yourself into believing you’re serving a higher cause.  For God’s sake, if you want to send a message to the GOP establishment that they might actually hear then you NEED to vote for Trump.  He is the reaction to their weaknesses and failures, he is our rejection of “shut up and take it” politics, he is the antithesis of going along to get along, and if he loses I can guarantee you the person who will be most vindicated and galvanized to try again will be not Ted Cruz, not Marco Rubio, not even John Kasich, but Jeb Bush.

For the love of all that is holy, we’re conservatives.  Personal responsibility is what we do.  If you’re so offended by Trump for whatever reason, first of all you’re a fool, second you’re blind, and third, if you don’t want to lose what little credibility you have left, then you need to own it.  Because whether you acknowledge it or not, you have had twenty years to prepare for this election.  You have twenty years’ worth of knowledge that tells anyone with a functioning brain that this witch MUST be stopped.  If you choose to ignore all that and prefer to cackle “I told you so” at the Trump core supporters, all those deplorable Americans who backed a man who stood up to the establishment and dared the media to knock him down, and as a result we lose, then don’t give me this line of nonsense about how you tried to warn people, don’t you dare signal your virtue while you laugh about having “told us so” as you help fulfill your doomsday prophecy by your own inaction, and don’t you EVER try to tell me you’re a “principled conservative” again if you cannot even accept responsibility for your own actions.  IT IS YOUR FAULT.


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