The final debate

The third and final presidential debate is in the books.  Once more I believe Trump won, but this was probably his weakest performance and as such am a bit disappointed.  Once more the moderator was stacked against him, although Chris Wallace was the least overtly out-to-get-Trump of the whole array, but nonetheless he constantly interrupted Trump to let Hillary talk over him and did not give him the same opportunities to “respond” that he gave to Her Inevitableness.  He also went straight to the gutter for that stupid question about “groping women” (especially since all of their stories have been blown to bits).  Trump being Trump, he was once again baited into defending himself, though he did better at recovering and counterpunching and actually said on more than one occasion how he would like to talk about something important now, thank you.  Hillary attempted to deflect the whole WikiLeaks thing by essentially saying the Russians did it and therefore we should all ignore the things she said that we know of because of the Russians.

Notice how whenever Hillary tries to get a point across she claims that she has some ridiculous number of “outside auditors” or “private and public specialists” who agree with her–but never names one?  Nevermind that her claim that her tax-and-spend plan won’t add a penny to the debt didn’t even clear her own sycophant media ($600 billion bucks is a lot of pennies, lady).  Incidentally, it’s said that Trump’s best point of the night was highlighting the $6 billion missing from Hillary’s State Department.

It’s also claimed (and now being wailed about by the Democratic audio/visual department, formerly known as the media) that the strongest point for Hillary and conversely the weakest for Trump was where he did not agree he would accept the results of the election and Hillary acted horrified.  First of all, the Democrats have a long history of not accepting election results–2000 is just the most glaring example.  I suppose no one else remembers that in 2000 newly-elected Senator Inevitableness had Democratic goons swooning over her call to abolish the electoral college.  Oh the bitter irony of the very real possibility that Trump could win the popular vote only to lose in the EC…Nonetheless, I do not believe that this was a losing point for Trump.  Because let’s be honest, middle America does not give a good damn about “the democratic process,” much less understand it.  Hell, most people think we actually live in a democracy.  What middle America does care about is cheating.  They care about fair play.  They care about paid thugs picking fights at Trump rallies and vandalizing (or even firebombing) the other side.  They want to believe the system works and they want it to be fair and peaceful.  Trump’s biggest triumph last night was getting it across, subtly but surely, that the Democrats aren’t interested in playing fair and they aren’t above hiring homeless and mentally ill people to go stir up politically useful trouble.  He was 100% right in saying “I’ll wait and see what happens on election day” rather than committing to just blithely accept the results regardless of the dirty tricks the Democrats try to pull.  Politics is like Monopoly–it’s way easier to cheat at it than most people realize and you never want to leave the board alone with someone who is smiling.

Then of course there was Hillary’s little gem where she flippantly pulled out a fascinating little factoid about our nuclear response capability, telling the world on live television that it takes four minutes from the President giving the order (pushing the red button as it were) to a nuclear strike being launched.  Um…in case no one noticed, that was kind of highly classified top-secret information.  “Was” being the operative word.  But since when has Hillary Clinton given a good damn about national security secrets when there was a political jab to be made?




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