What matters to you

It’s telling, really.

As the election blazes into its final weeks like a burning locomotive, it’s quite enlightening to look at both sides and what they’re bringing to bear, what they consider to be the best, last arrows in their quivers.

On the conservative Republican side, we’re bringing out the corruption in the government, the Democrats in particular.  We’re bringing out and hammering on the collusion of the Democrats with the media far more than anything else that has been dug up in WikiLeaks.  We’re focusing on the integrity of the election process itself and demonstrating with absolute incontrovertible proof that voter fraud is a real concern and a real issue, and that promoting and engaging in violence in the political process is revolting, especially so when it’s done by exploiting the homeless and mentally ill in an attempt to smear the other side with false flags.

That’s us.  The good guys.

Meanwhile, the jerks on the left are focused on an eleven-year-old tape that shows nothing except Donald Trump engaging in some talk that feminists clutch their pearls about.  If feminists wore pearls, which they don’t, because patriarchy.  They are focused on finding flimsy, bogus accusations of “groping” in order to piss off easily-misled women en masse (note: I did NOT just say women are easily misled any more than Donald Trump said he ever grabbed a woman by the…).  Meanwhile, Barry has broken out his “cool Barry” voice and lean-on-the-podium stance to give a lecture about how Trump ought to “stop whining” and how our concerns are just “crazy” talk radio type stuff.

So we’re worried about getting the election stolen, the integrity of the media, and people punching old ladies at Trump rallies, and the left is worried about…fake offense to women stories and being uncool.  If that doesn’t tell you something, you’re not paying attention.


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