Free speech can cost you

Peter Thiel, a billionaire investor, co-founder of PayPal, board member of (of all things) Facebook, donated $1.25 million dollars to Donald Trump’s campaign.  And in response it appears he has triggered a firestorm of hate and criticism from his Silicon Valley contemporaries.  Some of the tweets and responses from people who are supposedly tech firm owning professionals are no more civil or less vulgar than your average internet troll, calling in often colorful language for this guy to be ostracized, kicked off the Facebook board, starved out of business, and practically taken out and shot.

Funny how nobody freaks out over another guy at Facebook donating TWENTY million dollars to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  Because we don’t do that.

In a way I find this strangely comforting.  After the concerns I expressed a few days ago about putting up signs in my yard it’s a little encouraging to see that it doesn’t matter if you’re flat broke like me or sky-high rich, they’ll come after you with an incandescent numbskulled fury just the same.  In fact it’s emboldened me to the point that I’m past my worry.  My Donald Trump sign goes up today.


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