In Iowa, a Trump/Pence campaign bus was vandalized, having several windows broken out and other sundry damage.

Is that “going high,” you monsters?

In North Carolina, a GOP headquarters building was FIREBOMBED and spray-painted with “Nazi Republicans better get out of town.”

Is THAT “going high,” you animals?

We’ve been solemnly warned about how violent Trump supporters are for months and yet the only fights at Trump rallies are picked by hecklers and agitators, and now this is going on.  While we’re the ones who have ALWAYS played by “Marquis of Queensbury rules” as they’re called, much to our detriment as the left’s dirty tricks walk all over us, now they have the unmitigated gall to vomit forth this “they go low, we go high” line.  And the truly sick thing is people are buying it while this is going on.

Sick as that is, what’s really terrifying is the fact that a not insignificant number of Democrats are okay with this violence.  We’re deplorables after all.  It can’t be illegal to destroy a “symbol of hate” as one such dimwit argued after being arrested for defacing Trump signs.  The left has sought to “other”-ize the very core and backbone of this nation and they are on the verge of succeeding.  Whether the party being dehumanized is blacks, Jews, Ukrainian farmers, intellectuals, unborn children, whoever, this has never ended well in human history.


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