They’re not going to stop throwing the rocks, guys

One of my favorite webcomics (one of now only two that I continue to read after I finally had enough of the authors’ snide jokes about everything I hold dear) is The Order of the Stick, found at  It makes more sense and is a lot funnier if you’re familiar with roleplaying games, Dungeons and Dragons style in particular, but as someone who has never played D&D in his life I can tell you the humor isn’t contingent on knowing the source material.

Anyway, today the latest update came out and there was an exchange between two characters that really struck close to home, particularly after watching an especially sanctimonious “Right Angle” video.  I’ll transcribe the discussion here.  The scenario is an airship is trying to pass over a mountain range loaded with angry giants who are throwing boulders at said airship–this has been going on for several strips now–and the ship’s mechanic has told the captain to turn around.

Captain: We’ll take as much heat goin’ back as we will goin’ forward, so we might as well push through to the end!

Mechanic: They might stop throwing rocks if we give up and retreat!

Captain: Guess we’ll never know, since I don’t aim to give up.

Reminds me of the chorus to one of my very favorite songs, “Until The End” by Breaking Benjamin:

Why give up?  Why give in?  It’s not enough.  It never is.  So I will go on until the end.

Donald Trump is getting hammered from every direction, with utter nonsense, and yet, he’s still filling up a 20,000 person rally with 7,000 people lined up who couldn’t get in.  The position we Republicans find ourselves in now is like the airship, we’re halfway there and if we turn around now we’re going to get hammered just as hard as if we kept going.  Because they aren’t going to stop throwing the rocks.  It’s never enough to give up and give in.  This is because the left is evil, and evil never stops.  You give an inch and they demand another.  You apologize for a statement and they demand you apologize for not apologizing sooner.  You concede on one issue and they declare “the fight is just getting started” when we thought this was the objective.  You retreat and they chase you back to your holy ground and demand it too.  The pattern has been the same for decades now and our side has a terminal case of not-getting-it, probably fed by their desire to get re-elected overriding any sense of the principles and values they promised to uphold.

I don’t aim to give up.  They aren’t going to stop and giving in will never be enough.  And from the looks of things Donald Trump isn’t giving up either.  Look folks, he has billions of dollars and a gorgeous wife, he could throw up his hands tomorrow and declare he’s had enough of this bullcrap, go home and afford to not give a good damn who wins the election.  But he doesn’t.  If anything this is showing Donald Trump’s true character–no I do not care one whit that he talked about what Hollywood groupies are like because whether feminists like it or not it wasn’t immoral.  I do care that he’s standing up for himself and fighting back, that’s something I want in a president.  And frankly I don’t believe any of these accusers popping out of the woodwork–for god’s sake, they’re all surfacing at once, three weeks before the election and that doesn’t tip you off?  Trump is pressing on, and with just a little nudge from WikiLeaks I think this strategy just might backfire, as the sheer number of accusers swarming Trump like crows on a carcass lends credence to the idea that they’re all just making it up.

They’re not going to stop, folks.  They won’t forgive you for being an [insert your oppressive categorization here] because you turned on The Don like a virtue-signalling drone.  They will not be satisfied.  There’s no point in giving up and turning back now.  Push forward, we’re far from finished.


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