I believe: the power of morale

As the coordinated media nuclear strike against Donald Trump continues to pound away, punctuated by the wails and snivelings of “conservative” politicians and pundits alike trying to score points that don’t matter by prostrating themselves before the feminist outrage machine and distancing them from The Don, there are few voices out there who are attempting to rally the troops.  Apparently it’s become much more fun to sullenly tell people “I told you so” than it is to show some backbone and fight back.  It would be a little less infuriating if everyone was sullen about it but sadly, more than a few folks who claim to be on the side of truth and justice are looking very gleeful about proclaiming the Trump campaign dead.  Hmm…am I the only one who remembers that proclamation going out oh, I don’t know, a dozen or more times already?  Have all of these people forgotten about the unlikeable monster on the other side, the harpy who got more cheers for the idea of her behind bars than any of her catchlines from the last debate?

This isn’t an accident.  One of the core elements of human nature is to try to be superior to others, whether that’s by being stronger, smarter, richer, better looking, or whatever.  One way to feel smarter than other people is to accept what we know as the conventional wisdom, even though that just means you’re going along with the flow of what all the other idiots are doing and saying.  It’s easier to do than actually making a principled stand and fighting back against bogus nonsense or otherwise doing the actual work and having the skill required to win on your own merits, and it has the advantage and attraction of typically being a self-fulfilling prophecy.  The folks right now making gloomy predictions about electoral college totals and being way more smug about it than they ought to be don’t realize they’re being taken for fools.  The entire point of all this crap coming out right now is not to convince the handful of undecideds (who generally don’t give a good damn) but to demoralize and depress the faithful.

I mentioned before I play World of Warcraft and you see this happen a lot when you’re in a player-versus-player team battle.  If things don’t go precisely the way some mouthy idiot thinks they ought to, if you don’t follow their strategy or ideas exactly or even if you’re just on the side that said mouthy idiot thinks “always loses,” they like to tell the whole team “we loose” (great grammar there) when it’s not even halftime yet.  What they fail to understand is what these snivelers also don’t get, but the media knows very well–morale is an incredibly powerful thing.  Why put in the effort if you are sure you can’t win?  Why even try?  If you’re sure you’re going to lose you’ll find a way to make it happen.  Your efforts will be lackluster and your energy minimal, and sure enough, your surging opponent will roll you like an old tire.

Conversely, it only takes a little push and a little gain to restore people’s confidence.  If you have heard the saying “Those who say it’s impossible should not get in the way of those who are doing it,” that’s what it’s talking about.  A winner doesn’t stop playing when he’s down by three touchdowns–and it’s amazing the kind of rally you can spark when you stop the bleeding and start taking your territory back.  Others on your side know they’re in a tough place (they didn’t need Mr. “We Loose” to smugly tell them so) so every inch taken back, every small victory brings a rush of elation and renewed hope.  They look for someone to take the lead, to give that glimmer of encouragement or to repudiate the jerk who wants to lay down and have a good cry about losing rather than pull up his pants and get down to the business of making it happen.

No, you don’t always win just by willing it to be.  But it goes a hell of a long way.  The leftist media knows this–and fortunately, so does Donald Trump.  He’s not giving the slightest sign of giving up or giving an inch of ground, and that’s just what his supporters need right now, even if it ends up being us against the entire world.  Because this is still far from over.  This is why we get polls that, lo and behold, show Hillary Clinton with some massive lead plastered all over the news.  Polls don’t report on public opinion folks, they’re meant to shape it, no matter how deeply they have to skew them (why do you think the Democrat is always, always, always ahead until right before the election when they have to start getting it somewhere close to right?).  The idea is not to give a prediction but to plant the idea that hey, all the cool people are voting for Hillary, you want to be a winner too don’t you?  Or at least you might have better things to do on November 8, your vote won’t matter, Trump’s going to lose anyway…that’s the song they sing.  They know if we come out in force that they cannot win.

As for me, I don’t believe in being buried before I’m dead.  I always go down fighting.  There’s no point in giving up if you believe in what you stand for–it’s not going to change your beliefs and if you lose there’ll be time to pick up the pieces and mourn later.  It’s truly not over until it’s over, never let anyone tell you differently or try to tell you you’re being silly and they’re being realistic.  They just want to feel smart without having earned it and they’re perturbed that you aren’t playing along with their defeatist scenario.  If you don’t believe in what you’re doing then by all means, give up and go home when the going gets rough, but if you know you’re in the right, if you know you can win and you actually want to, then let the world do its worst.  Inspire the others around you.  Shut down and shame the naysayers.  Be invincible.  If you fail, if you lose, there will be plenty of time for acceptance later.  Until then, for the love of all that is holy, BELIEVE.

And for God’s sake, quit giving up and smirking to yourself about how smart you think you are while you make fun of those of us who are still fighting and believing.


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