This is ridiculous

Didn’t think when I finally launched this thing it would be dominated by low-brow nonsense like this, but seeing as how that’s all the Democrats have, I guess I should not be surprised.

So it seems the Trump tape still hasn’t quite blown over–nowhere near as fast as the whole “deplorable” thing got forgotten by your drive-by media or Hillary Clinton’s seizure on 9/11 got called “pneumonia” (it wasn’t f***ing pneumonia) and blown off.  So I’m going to put this out there for posterity and the readers who haven’t found this thing and don’t exist: grow up.  It wasn’t “sexual assault” nor was it condoning “sexual assault.”  Trump was talking about how Hollywood groupies behave and joking around about it.  If you have to be told that “I eat a bunch of tictacs in case I start kissing a woman” is a joke then you seriously need to not vote.  Yeah, his language was coarse and it wasn’t something you’d say in public, but you know what?  He wasn’t in public!

For the love of God people, Bill Clinton rapes women, Hillary covers it up in what she calls “dealing with bimbo eruptions,” and Barry O admits to using cocaine, and we’re all suddenly clutching our pearls over THIS?

And don’t give me this “what if it was your daughter” crap.  Not only did Trump not do anything, not only was he joking about things that were completely consensual, not only did he behave like a complete gentleman after getting off that damn bus, but HE WASN’T TALKING ABOUT MY DAUGHTER.  Or yours, unless your daughter is a goddamned Hollywood groupie.

What really infuriates me about this whole thing is how quickly the spineless establishment GOP seized the opportunity to throw Trump overboard, as if they’d all just been waiting for good enough cover to do it–which of course they had been.  They’re more scared of Trump than they were of Ted Cruz and way more scared of him than Hillary, because they’re comfortable being the loyal opposition, paying lip service to the values we elected them to uphold and pretending they’re going to even try to stop the left, when in reality they’re happy to just get re-elected and let everything outside of Northern Virginia just slide right into the abyss.  NeverTrumpers like Scott Ott are flashing their crap-eating grins and telling us they don’t want to tell us they told us so and all the self-serving malarkey that follows that statement, and even the faithful are throwing up their hands and proclaiming things like “Pennsylvania’s gone, Florida’s gone, it’s all over but the crying!”

If this is all it takes to bring down our civilization, if THIS gets our side to run like cowards and give up, then our civilization was pretty sorry to begin with and I don’t want to be on this useless team anymore.  And if we can lose to someone as disgustingly criminal and utterly repugnant as Hillary Clinton as she scolds her way across the country, then the fault is truly our own.


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