The third debate–go positive!

You know what I’d like to see out of Donald Trump at the last debate?  A totally positive night.  I don’t have a problem or issue with the tone he has taken so far, I think he gave a blowout performance on Sunday night, but at this point I think we’ve all heard it all–not that some of the low-info crowd don’t need to hear it a few more times.  What I think would knock the last debate out of the park is for Trump to go all positive.

Let Hillary come at him with her sneers and fake outrage and blow it off, let his impenetrable grin and endless optimism (because it really is endless) deflect whatever bullets she wants to send his way.  Prepare a short inspiring story about someone he’s met on the campaign trail for as many possible scenarios and questions as he can, especially if he has to make them up or amalgamate people–while the media scrambles to “fact check” and “debunk” his happy story they’ll be unwittingly spreading it around.  The faithful and the uncertain have seen and heard that he can and will lay into Hillary, now I think it’s time for him to put her and her hate behind him, treat her like she’s not worth the time, and just gush about his hopes and plans for making America great again.


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