Glenn Beck can go to hell

So I just saw as I popped open my AOL homepage that Glenn Beck, who calls himself a conservative, has endorsed Hillary Clinton.  Because of a dumb thing Donald Trump said in a locker room context.  He went on a longwinded rant about how Trump is “immoral” and “depraved” and it is “unethical” to support him.

Glenn…buy a damn dictionary and then shut the hell up.  You want to compare the immorality and depravity of making jokes about fondling women to the immorality and depravity of destroying Billy Jeff’s rape victims?  To the depravity of supporting infanticide?  You want to elect a pathological serial liar who left our national secrets (the ones she did NOT sell) out on the porch like an old pair of shoes, sold our uranium to Russia for personal gain, left our soldiers to die when they all count on “no man left behind,” and generally made fools of us on the world stage, because Donald Trump said he ate a bunch of tictacs whenever he thought he’d be overcome with lust for some pretty woman?

Let me educate you, Mr. Beck.  Ethics and morality have nothing to do with this stupid controversy.  You want to bow down to the feminists who want this to be a big deal, you want to jump on the train with the establishment Republicans who were just waiting for some reason to throw The Don under the bus, you had better believe we will remember.  You’re done.  Win or lose, you’re done.  One way or another, #NeverTrump will be a laughingstock in about nine to twelve months with about half a dozen people left gleefully grunting “I told you so.”  Congratulations, that’s your audience.

Go to hell Glenn.


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