Freedom of speech, and yet…

So…I really want to put up signs in my yard.  I want to get a sign or even a flag supporting Donald Trump and Ron Johnson, I’d love to put up a big huge billboard in my front yard.  I know the effect seeing these signs has on people–it isn’t so much to persuade anyone, it’s to back up and encourage the folks who are on your side.  And I really want to do that, especially when I have to go into [the city] for work and see all the Russ Feingold and Hillary Clinton signs.

But then I pause and think, am I up to code?  Is my lawn within regulation length or have the kids pretended to mow and rake again?  Is there some pretense that some lefty could use to cause me some grief?  And after all that, will someone just steal or vandalize my signs anyway?  I’d put a bumper sticker on my car but I’m really not confident I would come back to find my car in the same condition I left it, not when I go into [the city] at least.

I’m encouraged by how many signs I DO see so close to [the city] in spite of this, but I’ll be honest, I’m kinda scraping the bottom right now and I don’t need the harassment.  And really, I feel pretty intimidated.  I know it’s just part of being on the side I’m on, we don’t go out stealing signs or vandalizing cars with offending bumper stickers or weaponizing the government.  I can’t afford it.  But I can’t afford Hillary Clinton either.


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