What a weekend

Hadn’t meant to get back into current events so quickly, but what a difference a weekend makes.

First off…the tape.  Ok.  So Donald Trump was caught on camera engaging in the kind of crude talk guys engage in when they’re in locker rooms getting egged on by their lesser brethren.  Let’s talk for a moment about what’s on this tape.  Trump says things that are kind of disgusting but in a lot of ways are more or less true–Hollywood groupies DO let rich, powerful stars do damned well whatever they want.  Or have we all forgotten about the concept of the “casting couch?”  Also on this tape is Trump’s comment “I better eat a bunch of tictacs in case I start kissing [some pretty woman].”  Um…if you need to be told that that’s a joke, then you’re either a Trump hater or a deranged Trump hater.  What else?  Well, once Trump and the braying donkey laughing his backside off at Trump’s bravado get off the bus, he’s a perfect gentleman.  Air kisses “because Melania says that’s ok.”

What do you NOT see?  You DON’T see Trump grabbing a woman by any objectionable part of her body (consensually or otherwise).  Because he DIDN’T.  It seems a lot of people are interpreting this as a confessional or a declaration of intent to do the things he’s talking about.  It’s not.  Some even have convinced themselves that this video includes Trump grabbing unwilling women between the legs.  Not even close.

This attack, remember, is coming from the party that elected and re-elected a serial adulterer, rapist, and probably worse as President, and also elected and re-elected an admitted hardcore drug user.  And now that same party wants to elect the director of Billy Jeff Clinton’s bimbo eruption unit (and please note that “bimbo eruption” is THEIR term) President.

The correct response to this idiotic diversion is to blow it off as neither noteworthy nor relevant.  I’m really quite disgusted by all the Republicans who came out to hammer The Don in the wake of this and I think more than anything else it shows how eager they are to find some reason, any reason, something to cover their raw desire to rid themselves of Donald Trump at last.  They thought they had it and they all tried jumping on one end of the raft to capsize it.

Well, then last night happened.  Some CNN “flash poll” says Hillary won again, but quite frankly she didn’t win the first time, and she got shellacked last night despite Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz’s best efforts.  First question Trump got to lead off on, Anderson gave Trump both barrels with this absurd tape business (I guess he won the fight over who got to hit Trump with the knockout zinger) and I think they honestly expected this to be a TKO in the second round.  It wasn’t.  Trump fought back and while some dishonest jackasses have characterized his response as “I’m not as bad as ISIS” his response was exactly what it needed to be: it was locker room banter and you morons are worried about that when there are real problems to deal with?

Well, of course Hillary came back with this bogus “they go low, we go high” line right after they hit Trump with this low blow, hope everybody caught that deliciously bitter irony.  She proceeded to rattle off a list of “accomplishments” that boiled down to “look how much of other people’s stuff I’ve given away,” talk about a “life of service” that sounds okay on the surface unless you know what the Children’s Defense Fund is about (here’s a hint: it’s not what’s best for children unless you think the government raising your kids is in their best interests), and defend Obamacare with a bunch of blather about “good things” that are either economically ruinous, utter nonsense, or just obscenely stupid.  And Trump kept hammering her all night.  Trump repeatedly had to elbow his way back in as he got triple-teamed and in the end he and Hillary barely ended up with equal talking time.

But I think the most positive, and hopeful, part of last night’s debate was the WILD applause when The Don announced he planned to appoint a special prosecutor to go after Hillary and actually investigate her insanely criminal activity.  Not only did the room erupt in enthusiasm, but the polls and focus groups said “this is good!” with resounding emphasis.  I don’t put much stock in polls, they are engineered to shape public opinion, not report on it, so when even the polls say Trump hit a homerun, I pay attention.  Van Jones (formerly an ACORN voter fraud operative) said “Trump won but that just means Hillary wins because now the GOP won’t get rid of him until it’s too late.”  No, Mr. Jones, Trump won in a big way, because people are sick of you and your chosen anointed, and want to see her prosecuted just like they would be if they’d done a fraction of what Hillary Clinton has done.


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