Kicking off with current events

Part of the reason I’m here is because we’re well past the middle of what is probably the most important political season of my life.  Preaching to the choir and assembled jerk trolls on Twitchy really can’t be said to make any difference, so here we go with the first of what ought to be a series of posts leading up to next month.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am not a hardcore Donald Trump supporter.  Ted Cruz was my pick throughout the Republican primary and I was both disappointed and disgusted when we couldn’t get our collective act together to keep The Don from hijacking our party.  But that’s in the past, and truth be told The Don was in my top three picks from the moment he entered the field, so that’s a topic for another time.

Today I’d like to address what I consider to be the most insipid, grievously stupid piece of disinformation that gets slung around about Donald Trump.  Now of course, since he’s the GOP candidate, he’s going to get hammered with piles of nonsense–he’s a racist, he’s an evil rich guy who doesn’t care about poor people, he hates women, he eats puppies, he’s “literally Hitler,” and so on.  But one of the most absurd claims about Trump that keeps circling around, most recently in the absolutely insulting video put out by Joss Whedon and the actors from The Avengers, is that “Trump will nuke the world.”  This got trotted out by colossal jerk Tim Kaine in the vice presidential debate (and handled like a pro by Mike Pence) as well.

No, Donald Trump will not start firing nukes like a seven year old pyromaniac sociopath with a Zippo lighter in a fireworks warehouse.  That’s ridiculous.

Look folks, it’s real simple.  Donald Trump is, at heart, a businessman.  This is a subject for its own post since it escapes many people on both sides but at his core, The Don is in the business of making deals and making money in a (mostly) capitalist system, and he doesn’t deal in arms and weapons.  He sells buildings and real estate.  Wars of any kind are just flat out not good for business, but a devastating nuclear war would be particularly disastrous for anyone who is in Trump’s industry.  For God’s sake, not only would the markets crash and economic panic ensue, but the only thing that could possibly happen in such a war would be that Trump’s beautiful buildings would get destroyed and the real estate he owns could be rendered unusable or outright uninhabitable.  There is no profit in it for him.

But he says things people don’t like and doesn’t worry about being politically correct so people think he’s “unhinged” and somehow that translates to popping off H-bombs just to watch the pretty ‘splodies because reasons.

Contrast this with Hillary Clinton, who had the leader of Libya Muammar Gaddafi ready to surrender his chemical weapons and work as a partner to stop Middle Eastern terrorism, but instead she decided to take him out (and then brag about it), thus contributing to the destabilization of the region and the birth of ISIS.  Meanwhile, she’s also out threatening preemptive strikes against Iran’s nuclear program (that she claims she and Barry put a stop to).  You want to talk about unhinged?

If you’re worried that Trump will start a nuclear war, you’re looking in the wrong direction.  Wars don’t start over words.  Vladimir Putin is not impressed by our political correctness.  But Hillary has demonstrated a disastrous ineptitude on the world stage and would continue the weakness and incompetence of the current administration, and THAT is what starts wars.


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