So this is where I find myself

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, and I’m not getting any younger nor is the world getting any saner on its own.  As of right now I created this blog about fifteen minutes ago and haven’t really finished playing with the settings but I’m sure I’ll get it serviceable soon enough.  Years ago I had a myspace account that lasted all of three posts before being forgotten so I’ll worry about making this pretty once I’m fairly sure I’ll stick around.

You may know me as Wanderer.  For the past few years I’ve been a lurker and commenter on a few websites of a particular political persuasion, in particular on Breitbart, Human Events, and most recently mostly on Twitchy.  It’s occurred to me a few times that a lot of the long-winded, well-thought-out stuff I took the time to post on there in the comment boards oftentimes probably only got seen by the trolls who were poking zingers at me and laughing like they were actually funny, so maybe this’ll be a way to put some thoughts and points and arguments out there in a more permanent form.

So what this’ll probably be is political/current events commentary, with some things I find interesting thrown in–some video gaming stuff, some writing, some gardening, some 1980s culture, some cooking, maybe some legal analysis.  But probably mostly politics and philosophy.  What this is not meant to be is an open forum.  If I have to explain what that means in detail I will, but essentially I am not setting this up to give trolls and jerks a platform for inane mockery and regurgitation of talking points.  And I am setting myself up as the sole arbiter of what is an honest argument and what is merely incomprehensible blather.  Call it what you like, you can exercise your free speech wherever you want, and I can exercise mine.  To quote the Train Man, “Down here, I’m God.”

That said, I could claim I don’t want things to get ugly but I’d be lying.  This is a no-trigger-warning unsafe space where you can check the political correctness at the door and ask me if I give a care if you’re offended.  Not even guaranteeing I’ll keep the language clean.  But at the same time, this is not setting up a stage for mindless rants with an occasional guide to World of Warcraft or picture from my flower garden.  If you have the intellectual honesty to learn, maybe you’ll find something interesting here.  If nothing else I’m here to throw in for my side and hopefully do so in a way that might reach someone who doesn’t know better, or at least reassure someone like-minded that they’re not alone in the world.

Not all who wander are lost…but some who are lost know they will never be found, and are okay with that.


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